Ceramiracle opens ‘stockless pop-ups’ in China to avoid testing on animals


By scanning QR codes, consumers can order items that are warehoused in China’s free trade zone

Ceramiracle opens ‘stockless pop-ups’ in China to avoid testing on animals
Eugene He

Eugene He

US skin care brand Ceramiracle is exploring novel ways to sell its products in China, without sacrificing on its anti-animal testing policy.

Its strategy involves opening ‘stockless pop-ups’ that do not directly sell any products.

Consumers are invited to try samples, but to make a purchase they must scan a QR code placed next to the products, pulling up Ceramiracle’s WeChat store.

Orders will either be shipped from a bonded warehouse in the free trade zone in China or direct from a fulfillment centre located in Singapore.

Speaking to Cosmetics Business, founder Eugene He explained that the stockless pop-ups also have the added advantage of keeping the indie brand “small and nifty”, in a country with over 19,000 cities.

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“We actually see it [pop-ups] as a direct replacement to traditional retail fronts as Chinese consumers are extremely ...

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