Caitlyn Jenner raises $1.3m via MAC make-up partnership


The 67-year-old transgender icon launched her Finally Free lipstick with the Estée Lauder company in May this year

Caitlyn Jenner has helped raise $1.3m through her partnership with MAC, with proceeds going towards organisations in the US that support those who identify as transgender.

The 67-year-old television personality and retired Olympic decathlete made the announcement on Instagram.

She posted: “I’m SO proud of the difference my lipstick made for @MACCosmetics Transgender Initiative!

"All $1.3 million is going towards #trans organizations around the United States like @glaad, @LGBTcenternyc, and @lalgbtcenter to enhance access to healthcare, economic empowerment and civil rights. I am so honored to give back to my community.”

The post was viewed 461,000 times and received 747 comments most of which were in support of Jenner and MAC’s achievement.

Jenner unveiled her collaboration with MAC in March this year with the launch of her first lipstick, named Finally Free, debuting online in May.

My ultimate fantasy – I never thought in a million years that it would ever happen — was to get involved with a make-up company.

It was always Jenner and MAC’s intention to support the transgender community via the collaboration; 100% of the sales of the rose pink lipstick were pledged to supporting the MAC Aids Fund Transgender Initiative.

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At the time, Jenner said it was her “ultimate fantasy” to be involved with a make-up brand such as MAC.