CPL Aromas unveils new rose perfume ingredient


The fragrance house has taken inspiration from the Damask rose

CPL Aromas unveils new rose perfume ingredient

CPL Aromas, the British fragrance house, has unveiled a new rose ingredient.

Damask Fusion is a cross between rose oil and rose absolute, and is exclusively available to CPL perfumers to bring the delicate smell of rose to innovative, original fragrances in a cost-effective way.

As part of the CPL AromaFusion technology range, any fragrances developed with Damask Fusion are assured to be original and unique.

Christian Provenzano, CPL Aromas' Global Perfumery Director, said: "Damask Fusion, containing the beautiful Turkish Rose concrete, is a delicate combination of an essential oil and an absolute combining the fresh, fruity top of the essential oil and the warmth, opulent body of the absolute.

"This is a multi-component mixture based on natural and synthetic ingredients, mainly from the rose family. It is a perfect combination, very effective in all kinds of floral bouquets but also in Oriental Arabic fragrances when combined with oud, saffron and amber".

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Other materials in the AromaFusion range include Kashmir Fusion, Pepper Fusion, Smoke Fusion, Citrus Fusion, Incense Fusion, Orris Fusion and Oak Fusion.