CPL Aromas opens product performance centre in Dubai

Customer-focused centre offers real-life settings to test new fragrances in

CPL Aromas has opened a fragrance assessment centre in Dubai allowing customers to test scents in real life environments.

I am confident this new facility will prove to be of great benefit to our customers in the region." — Time Whiteley, R&D Director at CPL Aromas

The centre is comprised of individual odour-free areas dedicated to different product groups.

The areas are designed to reflect how fragrances will be experienced in real life including a functioning hair salon to evaluate scents for shampoos and conditioners on both wet and dry hair.

The centre also includes eights individual smelling booths measuring 1sqm. These can be used to evaluate air-care products such as candles and reed diffusers, or other air freshener systems.

Three separate 30sqm rooms can be used to assess how fragrance products will work within the home, offering a space more representative of rooms within houses.

A laundry area includes washing machines and other equipment to assess fragrances for detergents and soaps.

A team of expert panelists are also on site to conduct tests and participate in evaluation panels.

Cross contamination of odours is prevented using specialist odour-scrubbing devices within the building’s air ventilation system.

Meeting rooms and a presentation area are also available to allow customers to meet with perfumers and technicians to discuss results and work on new creations.

Tim Whiteley, R&D Director at CPL Aromas, said: “This significant investment will give our local development teams the certainty that their fragrances perform in a range of product applications and we welcome clients to the centre to participate in evaluation sessions so they can be sure their new product will outperform industry bench marks.

I am confident this new facility will prove to be of great benefit to our customers in the region."