CPL Aromas launches range of biodegradable fragrances


Fragrance house adds sustainable line to its Trends Set collection

Fragrance house CPL Aromas has introduced a Biodegradable Fragrances set, containing only materials that are readily or inherently biodegradable.

“CPL Aromas is committed to creating innovative sustainable products and our launch of Biodegradable Fragrances further highlights our dedication to sustainability,” said Charlotte Purcell, CPL Aromas' Group Technical Director.

“This means that we can immediately start supporting our customers with their biodegradable claims.”

The CPL Aromas’ Biodegradable Fragrances set is the latest addition to the family-owned company’s Trends Set collection, which features fragrances covering a variety of trends and customer requirements.

Kamila Lelakova, a perfumer at CPL Aromas' UK office, observed: “When creating a biodegradable fragrance, as a perfumer there are many challenges and obstacles to overcome.

"The pallet of biodegradable ingredients is smaller and therefore it takes hard work, time and patience to find the perfect formula for the scent you are aiming to achieve.

"Although there are challenges to face, the outcomes for the planet and maintaining CPL’s sustainability efforts outweigh these.”

The Trends Set line-up already includes a Natural Fragrances range and CPL Aromas intends to add further sets later in 2020.

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According to CPL Aromas, the Biodegradable Fragrances set features an impressive collection of fragrances, which are available to sample immediately.