CPL Aromas adds Clean Fragrances to its Trends Set


Joins Natural Fragrances and Biodegradable Fragrances as part of the fragrance house's Trends Set line-up

CPL Aromas has added Clean Fragrances to its growing Trends Set line-up.

The independent fragrance house notes that while there are more than 2 million Instagram posts with the hashtag #cleanbeauty, there is no uniform view on what ‘clean’ means.

To clarify matters, CPL Aromas has a stringent definition of ‘clean’ and the Clean Fragrances in its portfolio are free from a long list of materials which could have negative effects on human health or the environment.

These include: animal products and animal derived products, phthalates, gluten, parabens, BHA, BHT, palm oil and its derivatives, glycol ethers, ethanol, benzophenones, materials with nitrosamine forming potential, nitro musks, polycyclic musks, 26 EU cosmetic allergens and CMRs.

The CPL Aromas Clean Fragrances set is the latest addition to CPL Aromas’ Trends Set, which contains fragrances that support CPL’s customer requirements across various trends.

So far, in addition to the new Clean Fragrances, the set includes Natural Fragrances and Biodegradable Fragrances, and CPL Aromas intends to launch more ranges as part of its Trends Set as the year progresses.

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