Brenntag to distribute Biovelop’s Avenacare in US

Published: 30-Jun-2011

Swedish company extends oat beta glucan supply

Swedish grain-based ingredients supplier Biovelop has signed an exclusive US distribution agreement with Brenntag Specialities for its Avenacare oat beta glucan active.

The product, according to Biovelop, combines anti-ageing, rejuvenating and soothing properties and can be used in hair and skin care formulations. The specially developed liquid form of oat beta glucan is naturally produced using chemical-free technology and preserved using a paraben-free system.

“Brenntag specialities has a wealth of experience working with high-quality, branded, active ingredients and we are very excited about the opportunities to grow significantly the cosmetics and personal care markets for oat beta glucan-based products in the US,” said David Peters, director of sales and marketing for Biovelop.

Michele Margherita, market manager for personal care at Brenntag in the US, added: “The ability of Avenacare oat beta glucan to promote skin and hair health in a product of natural origin addresses the current trends in the market place for natural, sustainable and effective active ingredients.”

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