Brazil's Natura hopes to boost conversion rates for sales consultants

By Lucy Tandon Copp 17-Jul-2018

Using Wirecard's new digital finance features, Natura says its direct sales consultants can improve their financial management with "greater ease than ever before"

Natura, the Brazilian beauty conglomerate, is building on its relationship with digital finance company Wirecard in a bid to boost conversion rates among its direct sales consultants.

Having partnered since 2014, Wirecard has helped Natura by providing its direct sales consultants with financial technology solutions including split payments, automatic refunds and bank account transfers.

Now the owner of The Body Shop and Aesop is expanding the Wirecard features it uses, as they have been proven to significantly increase conversion rates and seller satisfaction.

Murillo Boccia, Natura's Chief Digital Officer, said: "Wirecard's support has been essential for Natura's development in the Brazilian e-commerce sector.

"With the new analytics and digital finance tool offered by Wirecard, our consultants can improve their financial management with greater ease than ever before."

Brazil's lucrative direct sales market

Brazil's direct sales market is thriving; in 2017 it saw 4.1 million active sellers handling R$45.2bn, according to the Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Vendas Diretas.

The country contributes 5% of global direct sales value, and ranks sixth overall.

Igor Senra, CEO at Wirecard Brazil, added: "We are delighted to be strengthening the Brazilian e-commerce market with our digital financial technology solutions – all via a single platform.

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"Natura will now benefit from new technological resources to serve consultants in Brazil."