Botanica, Cognis, Dishman and DSM first to achieve NaTrue raw materials label

Cosmetic ingredients suppliers embrace new label

Botanica, Cognis, Dishman and DSM are the first suppliers of functional cosmetic ingredients to gain raw material certification from NaTrue since the organisation introduced its certificate of conformity in March this year.

Cognis in particular has achieved certification for a broad range of raw materials, with 40 of its products now certified with the NaTrue label, making formulation easier for those producing end products designed to comply with NaTrue guidelines.

“NaTrue’s raw material certification offers double benefits for our customers,” says Ute Griesbach, senior strategic marketing manager, Cognis Care Chemicals Europe. “By using NaTrue labelled ingredients, they are able to save time and increase the chance of getting their products approved and certified. Our own Green Chemical Solutions classification system, combined with the official certifications, puts manufacturers in the best possible position to meet the growing global green trend.”

The main NaTrue label criteria according to the definition of the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association are:

* Only water, natural ingredients, derived natural ingredients and nature-identical ingredients are permitted.

* Manufacturing processes for Natural Cosmetics and their raw materials are strictly regulated.

* Strict minimum for natural substances and maximum levels for derived natural and organic substances apply for all three NaTrue cosmetic classification grades depending on the application purpose: Natural Cosmetics, Natural Cosmetics with Organic portion and Organic Cosmetics.

The 40 certified Cognis products include surfactants, emulsifiers, consistency waxes, emollients, cream bases, protein hydrolysates as well as a pearlshine wax dispersion and a hair conditioning booster.

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