Biovène Barcelona launches Charcoal Magnet Mask


From the Black Mask 2017 viral sensation and creator of Best New Face of 2018 silver award winner Pink Peel-Off Mask, here is the Charcoal Magnet Mask.

  • Magnetic Rejuvenating facial mask
  • Dermatologist tested, results to love
  • Made with 99% Natural ingredients
  • Kit includes a big 85 gram jar with a spatula, magnet and magnet protecting wraps

Ideal for those urbanites looking to counter the effects of environmental toxins, stress and daily residue that can lead to premature signs of ageing, our Charcoal Magnet Mask literally lifts away impurities to detoxify and give vitality to the skin.

Formulated with 99% all-natural ingredients including activated charcoal, iron, vitamin E, sweet almond oil and lavender oil, this innovative mask format will leave skin fresh, firm and lifted skin with a beautifully radiant, rejuvenated complexion.

Biovène Barcelona is now available in over 35 countries with retailers ranging from upscale perfumeries such as Marionnaud, drug store chain Rossmann, healthcare and beauty chain Watsons, supermarket Carrefour and members' clubs such as Sam's Club. In United States, Biovène Masks are available nationwide at WalMart.

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