BioAktive's next generation ingredients attract interest at in-cosmetics Asia


Led by NatraSoft and HydraMaxx, BioAktive's next generation of natural ingredients garnered a lot of interest at the annual in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok at the end of October.

BioAktive Specialty Products, a US based company, is a supplier of innovative, natural, functional ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industry.

Traditionally, BioAktive's business has focused on lipid based emollients and olive derivatives, such as Olive Squalane and Squalene.

Following a soft launch of this next generation of products at Suppliers Day in New York in May of 2018, the company showcased these products at the Bangkok show with great feedback and interest.

"The best feedback from our customers in Asia was for NatraSoft, our natural alternative to silicone, and HydraMaxx, our cold process emulsion concentrate. End users, distributors and other business partners all showed a lot of interest in these products" said Robin Willmann, BioAktive cofounder.

NatraSoft has that dry skin feel of Silicone, but its all natural. It also has Olive Squalane, Squalene and Thai Rice Bran oil, so it has strong skin caring properties. Our Distributors in Asia are very excited about this product."

"HydraMaxx," Mr. Willmann continued, "was also very interested for the OEM and small brands. It gives them flexibility and scalability, but just adding water. A good formulator could user the same emulsion concentrate to make hundreds of products.

"Response to our products was better than what we could have imagined" said Solomon Matzner, BioAktive Cofounder, based in Shanghai. "Natural products have been a tough sell in Asia and China in particular, but this is changing. The timing is right for these new products, and the Asia market, is also poised to transition into a more naturals driven market."

Distributors are excited about the product and also have good feedback. "We are very excited about the new BioAktive products," says Sumonman from Triple Nine Solutions.

"Natural products such as oils and butters are hard to sell in South East Asia, because of the skin feel and a lack of experience formulating with natural lipids. These new products are unique in the market and can rally address the needs of users."

Frank Wang, who leads BioAktive's China business adds, "We were surprised by the number of Chinese and Hong Kong companies who visited us. We know that the market in China is evolving and that the consumer cares deeply about where the product they use comes from. After a slow start, China's natural raw materials market is finally growing and will become a global player in this space.

BioAktive's other new products include DermaMaxx, a lamellar emulsion concentrate geared around the OTC and Softcare market for skincare, Castorline, an alternative to petrolatum and BioAxta, an algae derived antioxidant. These products represent a departure for BioAktive, away from simple emollients and into more sophisticated products.

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