BioAktive develops vegan-friendly emollients for hair and skin care

By Becky Bargh 28-Oct-2019

The new ingredients are designed to be fast absorbing on sensitive and oily skin

BioAktive develops vegan-friendly emollients for hair and skin care

Cosmetics ingredients supplier BioAktive has developed a new range of vegan-friendly emollients for skin and hair care products.

Formulated using natural derivatives and bioactive components, the Natralite One ingredient can be used in moisturisers, creams and lotions for customers with sensitive or oily skin.

To develop the compound olive squalane and Thai rice bran oil were used, which are rich in bioactive compounds IP6, CoQ10 and gamma-oryzanol, to help smooth skin.

The formula is also blended with tridecane, dicaprylyl ether, tocopherol and undecane, which is known to be a mild sex attractant for various types of moths.

The ingredient is also suitable for shower and body products, and sunscreens.

Meanwhile, its Natralite Camellia ingredient is designed to be used in hair care products to improve flexibility and enhance shine, thanks to its blend of camellia japonica oil and olive squalene.

It too can be used in skin care due to its short playtime, without leaving an oily film, and is ideal for moisturisers, creams and lotions, as well as bald and shaved heads.

According to BioAktive, it is suitable for all hair types and ethnic groups.

The company recommends using 2-10% of the formula in emulsions and up to 25% in oily liquids.

Natralite One and Camellia are said to be silicone, EO/PEG, mineral oil and EDTA-free.

BioAktive also provides emulsion concentrates, active cosmetic oils and antioxidants.

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