Benny Hancock Make-up artist and influencer launches Premium Mens Makeup and Grooming range


The range named Benny Hancock for Men consists of seven products

Benny Hancock Make-up artist and influencer launches Premium Mens Makeup and Grooming range

The Moisturising Foundation Face Perfecter provides superb natural coverage for all men, helping to even out uneven skin tones and disguising any imperfections or blemishes, whilst hydrating the skin at the same time.

Another fantastic benefit of the product is SPF 15, which offers excellent protection against harmful UVB rays. The foundation also contains anti-pollution ingredient Ectoin, which is clinically proven to help protect your skin from the pollutants that cause premature aging of the skin. Available in 5 shades currently.

The Concealer Corrective Pen adds instant luminosity, helping to conceal dark under-eye circles and any discolouration of the face with the gentle application of the pen. Available in four colours.

The Brow Definer Clicker Pen, the product is clicked to the comb at the end for lightly combing through the eyebrows. The Dark Brown Gel option is great for defining any fair, red or white-toned eyebrows that need to stand out a little more but in a very natural way.

There is also a Clear Gel option that is fantastic for keeping eyebrows neatly in check. It is very subtle and designed to be extremely effective without appearing heavy.

The Beard Definer is a revolutionary product that all bearded men have been waiting for. This is fantastic for evening out a mixture of hair colours in beards.

Fair, red and white tones are blended in and beard hairs are defined into a natural generic tone. This product is a game-changer, helping to groom a beard to perfection and take years off appearance. Temporary colour that does wash off. Currently available in dark brown.

The Hydrating luxurious Velveteen Lip Balm, with a hint of peppermint and vanilla flavour, helps to hydrate and soften dry lips whilst nourishing and strengthening the skin.

All of the above products are vegan formulas, cruelty free and manufactured in the UK.

The Bronzer that gives you a natural, sun-kissed holiday glow all year round, whilst being lightweight on the skin. The pressed cream formulation is far lighter on the skin than traditional powder bronzers. The bronzer makes pores and fine lines less noticeable.

The Buffing Brush features exquisitely soft bristles of the highest quality, made from advanced synthetic DERMOCURA fibre. The bristles are densely packed to allow for maximum control and easy, flawless blending.

The brush works brilliantly with our Bronzer to buff a natural, sun-kissed glow over the face. It can also be used to blend the Moisturising Face Perfecter or Corrective Pen. The brush is cruelty free, vegan, hypoallergenic and is made in Italy.

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