Benefit dons game face to join beauty brands on Twitch

By Becky Bargh 22-Jun-2021

Cosmetics brand amplifies entourage of beauty-loving gamers for launch this week

Benefit dons game face to join beauty brands on Twitch

Brow beauty brand favourite Benefit Cosmetics is getting its game face on by joining its competitors on live streaming platform Twitch.

Diving deeper into the digital metaverse, the brand is relaunching its Game Face campaign, which initially hit the US and Australia in 2020, to empower beauty-loving gamers across the space.

The programme was designed to support and champion more women in gaming, and teamed up with leading players Kristen Valnicek, Gina Darling, Nicki Taylor and Jayden Diaz.

Now, the LVMH-owned brand is hosting streams with 20 gamers from the US, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Australia and the Middle East.

Livestreams will include make-up tutorials and in-depth conversations about their gaming career.

Acting as semi brand ambassadors, the players are also expected to reveal Benefit make-up hauls and try-on new products for viewers.

Benefit is also opening up its network to new collaborators and anyone interested in gaming and beauty can get in touch with the team.

“By expanding the Game Face programme and our presence on Twitch, we’re hoping to make deeper connections with the up-and-coming generation of gamers,” said Toto HaBa, SVP of Marketing & Communications at Benefit Cosmetics.

“Our goal is to create a space where they can explore and combine their interests in beauty and gaming and ultimately feel empowered to get their best ‘Game Face’ on so they can play and livestream with confidence.

“I hope to see more beauty brands tap into the gaming industry to support and highlight underrepresented talent.”

Despite Twitch representing a new opportunity for beauty brands, Benefit competitor e.l.f. Cosmetics did not have the successful start to its Twitch campaign it had planned back in May.

Instead of being idolised for its new venture, the affordable drugstore brand was met with backlash from its shoppers after the company failed to include any black influencers in its launch.

e.l.f. had tried to address the oversight, but fans were not appeased and it issued an apology three weeks after the initial launch.

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