Bell Flavors & Fragrances predicts the cosmetic veggie trend for skin and hair


Fragrances and botanicals for natural cosmetics lovers

Bell Flavors & Fragrances predicts the cosmetic veggie trend for skin and hair

Environmentally and health-conscious consumers tend to choose green alternatives when buying shampoos, shower gels or skin creams.

The Leipzig-based company Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH encourages manufacturers to make use of extravagant product concepts in natural and organic cosmetics.

The fragrance house predicts crisp vegetables to be a cosmetic trend that will shape the natural cosmetics industry in the coming year.

Talking about carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers, most people think of a balanced menu.

But there is so much more about vegetables. Due to their rich ingredients, the eatable plants are also associated with many positive effects for skin and hair.

Inspired by this, Bell's perfumers created new formulations for natural and organic cosmetics.

Sage and tomato in love

Fragrances like 'Pumpkin & Pink Pepper', 'Tomato & Sage' or 'Green Pepper' are more than just scents.

They arouse curiosity among consumers. Fine fragrance notes and nuances of spices as well as herbs add that certain something to the compositions.

Even corn and sweet potato scents were interpreted in a perfumistic way. Those warm and caring fragrances are for instance perfectly suitable to underline the nourishing effect of a night cream in an olfactory manner.

"We encourage brands to go for extraordinary product concepts", explains Marketing Specialist Anja Reissig. "Those who want to convince today's increasingly demanding consumer need to think outside the box and set trends. Vegetable fragrances are a good example of how the extraordinary can be used to address the consumer's desire for a healthier way of life."

A boom in nature-inspired cosmetics

The natural and nature-inspired cosmetics industry is a competitive market. Besides certified natural cosmetics, the segment of nature-inspired cosmetics is a huge playground for all those who want to convince consumers with new ideas and combinations.

According to the industry magazine Cosmetics Business, in 2016, the segment of nature-inspired cosmetics grew stronger than the classical natural cosmetics for the first time in history.

On the one hand, claims such as 'beauty inspired by nature', 'plant-cosmetics' or '95% natural ingredients' play an important role in this development. On the other hand, interesting fragrance concepts are key for successful products.

This applies not only to brands, but also to the private label segment, where limited editions and seasonal products need to be an eye-catcher on the shelves.

Bell's latest fragrance compositions were specially developed for nature-inspired as well as for certified natural cosmetics.

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In addition, Bell Flavors & Fragrances offers botanicals extracted from vegetables, spices and herbs. These ingredients can be used for further upgrading the perceived value of creams, shampoos and co.