Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA present patented technology


Discerning consumers are looking for intense and long-lasting fragrance creations. That is true not only for laundry and household care but also for cosmetics. Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA has been developing high-performance fragrance delivery systems for years.

During the SEPAWA Congress from 10 to 12 October 2018 in Berlin, Bell will be presenting a selection of its patented household and personal care innovations at stand A109.

A fragrance is only as good as its base. For several years, Bell has been researching different fragrance delivery systems that are designed to make fragrances more intense and longer lasting.

"In addition to our liquid perfume oils, we have also focused our efforts on the further development of solid fragrances", explains Chief Application Technician Peter Rabke. "With the aim of revolutionising the fragrance industry with high-performance products, we have developed capsule technology for a variety of applications. This enables, among other things, an above-average concentration of perfume oil."

Laundry Care with a Kick

Bell offers two laundry care solutions. The patented microcapsule solution Bell MikroBurst is characterised by the fact that the capsules do not break down during washing, rather they constantly release their scent. Combined with the Bell Laundry Pearls laundry perfume, which is added directly to the washing drum, manufacturers can tailor the laundry care programme to their needs.

Consumers can enjoy their favourite fresh fragrance from the moment they open the washing machine, while they are folding the laundry, and when they wear the clothing even a few weeks later - because the entire portfolio of the fragrance company can be incorporated into the sophisticated products.

High-Quality Scented Candles

Bell also applies its solid scent expertise to scented candles. The Scenti Masterbatch technology is a quality solid fragrance product developed specifically for candles. For example, the special composition prevents the perfume from "leaking out" of the candle even at high fragrance concentrations.

This prolongs the shelf life of the candle during storage and ensures that the scent is only released when the candle is actually burning. As a result, candle manufacturers are able to attain a unique level of quality in the market for scented candles.

Bell develops its technology in close cooperation with its customers. Bell MikroBurst technology, for example, can be used in both laundry and personal care products. Bells' application engineers, sales and marketing experts will provide detailed information and insights on the individual technology from 10 to 12 October at stand A109 at the SEPAWA Congress.

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