Bell EMEA presents Fragrance Compositions for the hygiene conscious


Bell EMEA presents Fragrance Compositions for the hygiene conscious

The spread of Covid-19 has sharpened consumers' awareness of hygiene, both with regard to personal as well as household care. Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA takes this as an opportunity to show how pleasant this new cleanliness can smell.

Everybody has a personal feeling about how cleanliness should smell. Whole regions define certain scents as their fragrance of clean. Bell’s latest fragrance collections for personal and household care pick up the most popular consumer preferences when it comes to the scent of purity and hygiene.

The current fragrance collection for liquid and bar soaps ranges from a nourishing citrus interpretation to an aloe vera and a fresh rose note to a classic variation of milk and honey and a spring-fresh fragrance.

The series is complemented by fragrance compositions for rich hand creams. After all, demand is increasing in this segment too, as frequent washing and disinfecting affects the skin barrier and hands demand for intensive care.

As people are also more often cleaning their homes these days, Bell also presents a selection of suitable fragrances for multi-purpose cleaners.

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The spectrum covers classics such as lemon, lavender and ocean freshness as well as more unconventional notes with floral, fruity and minty components.