Beauty bullying: What to do if you are being bullied at work

By Sarah Parsons 24-Oct-2019

Bullying isn’t just reserved for the playground. Whether it's your boss, or your colleague, here Cosmetics Business helps you to handle the office bully

Bullying can make waking up in the morning difficult. It can make your commute into work harder and the thought of spending over eight hours a day in the office, or on the shopfloor, overwhelming.

When beauty industry Instagram whistleblower Estée Laundry first asked its 90,000 followers to share stories of workplace bullying, more than 300 people responded in 72 hours. It has since launched its #Saynotobullying petition which has garnered over 1,500 signatures and received 500 responses accusing leading beauty brands of verbal, sexual, racial and psychological bullying.

In some cases, the accused brand owner allegedly bullied employees for not fitting their desired mould in terms of body shape and fashion sense.

And this is not just a beauty industry issue. Workplace bullying generally is on the rise, as a new study by online recruiter Monster revealed that 94% of employees have been bullied in the workplace and 51% were bullied by a boss or manager. Aggressive email tones (23.3%), co-workers’ negative gossip (20.2%) and someone yelling at them (17.8%) were found to be the most common displays of aggressive behaviour.

Thanks to platforms like Estée Laundry, call-out culture is at an all-time high and employees are tired of being mistreated or unable to enjoy a job they would otherwise thrive in. Here Cosmetics Business speaks to the experts to find out what to do if you’re faced with a bully…


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