Beauty Bulb has now added two new bespoke services to its offering


Beauty Bulb has now added two new bespoke services to its offering

QVC Shopping Channel Brand Management

Your brand may have a strong sales team but you may just be missing some expertise in relation to these two areas.

Having worked with both of these retailers for long periods of time, we fully understand that they operate differently to a ‘normal’ retail or etail account. We now have in-house experts that each have substantial experience in both of these sales channels and 2 of our team members, including our Founder, have spent a substantial part of their careers at QVC UK.


The Amazon journey is opportunistic but in the large Amazon world how do you really embrace and drive your business, how do you get your brand to really grow?

Every company needs to really get to know the crucks of Amazon, to understand the opportunities, challenges, to know how and to know why. It is crucial to build a strong strategy and plan tailored to fit your business that will set you up to success on Amazon. This is not easy unless you have navigated the numerous complexities and options that Amazon can present. We can now help you every step of the way.

QVC Shopping Channel

This sales channel offers the consumer a unique and exciting way to shop. It’s a fantastic way to educate and demonstrate all aspects of your beauty brand but with this comes additional work streams that can be tricky to navigate if it is your first time. We can support you with all departments and areas including:

  • The buying teams and how to make an impact and give a strong presentation
  • Legal claims and their submission
  • Advice on The QVC Beauty Channel
  • The Co-ordinating and Production teams
  • How to ger the most out of your on- air slot
  • Training prior to your live TV slot

Beauty Bulb’s overall goal is to support brands with sales and commercial strategy within the beauty space in a way that best suits them and we hope that our additional support in relation to Amazon and QVC will help beauty brands, both large and small, to add missing skill-sets to their business and outsource some of the tasks which cannot yet be managed internally at a fraction of the cost needed to hire a full time employee.

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In relation to the new services, brands can book anything from a one-day per month to short and long-term contracts over whatever time-period suits them and the costs are designed to be workable for all brands, including start-ups. Beauty Bulb is currently a team of 4 and growing!