Beauty Bulb announces partnership with Market Matcher


The partnership was announced on 6 January this year

Beauty Bulb announces partnership with Market Matcher

Beauty Bulb, now a team of 4, have been supporting beauty brands with new business, development sales growth, sales account management, distribution and specialist recruitment for almost 2 years and they have collaborated with over 30 brands since their launch.

On January 6 2020, Beauty Bulb announced its partnership with Market Matcher. Market Matcher is a clever new platform that connects Distributors with Beauty Brands from all around the world.

It will help distributors to find brands first, keep in touch with global launches and engage directly with brand-owners and it promises to save everyone time, money, air miles and a lot of effort.

Market-Matcher, founded by Gemma Clarke, launched to brands and distributors this month and right now it is free to join.

Beauty Bulb is excited to share that they have been appointed as the exclusive Export Sales Consultant to Market Matcher.

If you are a beauty brand or a distributor from anywhere in the world, you can head over to today and register for free.

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