Barry M forms team of make-up influencer 'angels' for 2017

By Sarah Parsons 27-Feb-2017

The campaign has been titled Barry's Angels and will be used for all of the brands make-up launches

Barry M Cosmetics has announced a collaboration with four influencers for its new digital campaign, Barry’s Angels.

The year long marketing campaign will be used for all of the brands 2017 product launches.

Barry’s Angels include Lizzie Jemiyo, a London-based vlogger, who will focus on showcasing the brands colours and textures.

Marc Zapanta, a vlogger and media make-up and special effects graduate, has been tasked by the brand to encourage consumers to experiment with cosmetics.

Sayan Yildiz’s videos focus on fashion and beauty, but for Barry M she will be providing content on eyebrows and lips.

Make-up artist and social media celebrity, Laura Sproat, will advise shoppers on contouring and highlighting methods.

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Barry M’s current make-up ambassador and artist Adam Burrell will continue his role with the company and has not been replaced by the influencers.