BASF joins forces with Natural Machines to create custom face masks

By Julia Wray 1-Sep-2021

Due in 2022, the tech will enable masks for individual face sizes, as well as the incorporation of different benefits into zones within masks

BASF has entered a strategic partnership with Natural Machines to create customised face masks and eye patches produced using 3D printers.

To meet the growing trend for bespoke personal care, the deal will bring together 3D printing knowledge from Barcelona, Spain-based Natural Machines, which creates solutions for kitchens and personal care, and the cosmetic ingredients know-how of BASF.

The new solution will enable users to obtain masks that are not only adaptable to individual face sizes, but which also allow the incorporation of different benefits in various zones within the mask.

Via the partnership, BASF will exclusively commercialise the technology as a solution for the personal care industry comprising a machine, cartridges and ingredient mixtures.

“With this partnership we are expanding our personalised cosmetic technologies, and we very much look forward to working with Natural Machines in this promising area,” commented Robert Parker, Director, New Business Development at Care Chemicals, BASF.

“We can build on their experience and expertise of 3D printing to bring this know-how into the personal care market.”

Christina Kohlmann, Senior Manager for Open Innovation Personal Care at Care Chemicals, BASF, added: “Our initial tests proved the potential to print face masks and patches based on BASF ingredients. We continue to focus on adapting the technology, to establish a new approach for personalised face masks for our customers based on bio-based and biodegradable solutions.”

For Natural Machines’ CEO Emilio Sepulveda: “Our partnership with BASF will help us to grow our portfolio from the food sector to include the cosmetics industry. We will benefit from BASF’s experience and latest developments in cosmetic ingredients, while leveraging the broad expertise we have built during the last eight years in 3D food printing.

“At the same time, BASF’s leading position in the personal care market gives us an extraordinary opportunity to commercialise the technology and the device in this space.”

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The companies aim to introduce their mask-making technology to the market in 2022.

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