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Understand how tax technology can help meet new commerce challenges

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As commerce evolves and retailers diversify their sales channels, increased complexity can lead to greater risk. And whether a company sells in one country or in many, the challenges of determining product taxability and calculating taxes can impact regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and the customer experience. Businesses of all kinds need intelligent technology to help them navigate today’s borderless, digital-first environment and shifting government regulations.

Avalara CRUSH Global is a free virtual event May 17–18 designed to empower businesses like yours, helping you streamline compliance and ensure it doesn’t get in the way of opportunity.

Bringing together industry experts, policy practitioners, and thought leaders, Avalara CRUSH Global will provide useful information on tax compliance tools, downloadable resources, and insights into marketplace trends. It will also feature a variety of sessions and assets designed specifically for companies that do business in Europe.

Last year’s event attracted thousands of attendees, and it was named one of BizBash’s 10 Most Innovative Meetings — thanks to CRUSH City, the immersive activity center at the heart of the experience. CRUSH City is back in 2022, giving you the ability to personalize your journey based on where and what you sell, your specific tax challenges, and more.

At Avalara CRUSH Global, you’ll do more than learn about the future of global tax compliance. You’ll become part of it.

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