Asquan's latest mono material lipstick packaging


The Mono-Material Lipstick is our latest 100% recyclable beauty packaging. But what exactly are Mono-material packs and why are they sustainable?

One of the main principles of Designing for Recyclability is the use of mono-material wherever possible.

Sera Kinoyan, Asquan’s sustainability manager says: "When a product is said to be ‘mono-material’, that is merely stating that all its parts are made from the same recyclable plastic material. At Asquan, we offer this type of product either in virgin plastic or PCR plastic."

Mono-Material packs are easier to recycle because they can be sorted for recycling without disassembly.

Available in both PCR-PET and virgin PET, our Mono Material Lipstick is another step toward a more eco-conscious beauty, a true eco pack for your lipstick formula.

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Asquan can also offer other types of mono-material packaging such as jars, compacts and sticks.

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