Asquan tubes: A wide variety of tips and applicators 


Asquan tubes: A wide variety of tips and applicators 

Asquan Groups is expanding with a wider range of tube and applicators solutions.

"Brands need to constantly adapt in order to address a more demanding market. Tubes are perfectly answering this trend: easier-to-carry and lighter than their bottles counterpart, tubes offer an optimised packaging solution for brands wanting to express their identity while improving their eco-responsibility" says Henri Tinchant, founder of Asquan Group.

Asquan has developed a wide selection of tube toppers that have the ability to accommodate a variety of dispensing needs: standard, spray, silicone showerhead ideal to apply lotion directly to face or neck, steel roller ball that can be used around the eye area for a fresh serum application, lip applicator, fiber applicator for a precise application of  cream shadow, eye highlighter, concealer, or even spot treatment.

“Our objective is to provide brands with optimised dispensing options, allowing a perfect application of the product,” says Michelle Wong, Global Design and Marketing Director.

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"Customers are becoming more sensitive to sustainability and being able to only use the quantity of product needed is part of this approach". 

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