Ask Heidi: 'I want to boost my beauty skill-set. What online courses do you recommend?’


In this month’s real-life advice column, recruitment and careers specialist Heidi Bannister helps one reader boost their workplace skills with online learning suggestions

Q: As I imagine is the case for many, I'm currently spending a lot of time at home and I'd like to put my spare hours in the evening and at the weekend to good use.

I work in beauty, but my career is in its early days so I am open to learning about new things within the industry, and enhancing my CV for future roles.

What online learning courses specialising in beauty do you recommend? I'm also interested in cosmetic science and would like to know what options I have there.

A: Even as a fully signed up enthusiast and advocate for the cosmetics industry, I’ve been wowed by the quantity, quality and variety of learning opportunities people and companies have made available in the last three months. Part of the challenge is working out which ones to take!

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At any time, I recommend people to get involved in the industry if they’re making their career here. Follow industry societies, companies and groups; subscribe to newsletters; connect on LinkedIn. Right now, there are hundreds of companies and industry bodies offering amazing lectures, podcasts,...

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