Asia Pacific - Japan: Spa & Salon Market Report 2017


Japan’s spa market is facing expansion challenges. Yet the arrival of the world’s first spa-themed amusement park this year has provided a distraction from its ups and downs

Asia Pacific - Japan: Spa & Salon Market Report 2017

Japan’s spa and beauty salon market is well developed and established, which is undoubtedly a reflection of the country’s well-known traditions of cleanliness and looking good.

Being well-established has arguably made further expansion and growth in the sectors more challenging, while Japan’s shrinking birth rate and population do not bode well for longer term expansion.

These issues are born out in figures from the Global Wellness Institute which show that Japan’s spa market dropped from third to fourth place globally between 2013 and 2015, overtaken in revenue terms by Germany’s booming spa and wellness market.

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However, according to a report issued in January 2017 by Tokyo-based Yano Research Institute, the aesthetic salon market was on course to report sales of ...

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