Ashland adds feel-good factor to rinse off


Ashland Inc subsidiary Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients has launched a quartet of new products: N-Hance SP-100, N-Hance HPCG 1000, N-Hance CCG 45 and N-Hance CCG 450.

Created for use in shampoos and conditioners, N-Hance SP-100 is a deposition polymer that can be used to replace cationic surfactants and is shown to push silicone to the ends of the hair shaft. N-Hance HPCG 100 cationic guar meanwhile can be used in bath and shower gel formulations to impart a silky, moisturised skin feel.

Lastly, N-Hance CCG 45 and N-Hance CCG 450 are cationic guars designed to impart a rich, creamy lather and velvety feel to clear shampoos and conditioners without compromising on the product’s transparency. N-Hance CCG 45 is designed for those who require lighter conditioning, while the 450 variant provides moderate to heavy conditioning for damaged hair.

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