Aquaphor Baby updates packaging with pump


Clear Baby Wash & Shower pack demonstrates lack of dyes, fragrances and parabens

Aquaphor Baby has refreshed the look of its popular Baby Wash & Shampoo product to be more convenient for parents.

The product is now packaged with a pump and featured a translucent bottle to showcase the formula’s lack of dyes, fragrances and parabens. The bottle is also said to protect the formula from sun exposure with an in-built UV filter.

The easy-to-use pump allows for one-handed dispensing of the product and the formula has a light lather that is easy to rinse off.

Erynn Keefe, Marketing Director at Aquaphor, Beiersdorf, explained the concept behind the refreshed design. She said: “We know that moms look for products that are safe and gentle, and not filled with dyes or fragrances that can irritate the skin. We designed the new packaging for Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo, with its translucent bottle, to showcase that our product is clear, gentle and safe for baby’s delicate skin.”

Enriched with soothing chamomile essence and provitamin B, the formula is designed to cleanse delicate baby’s skin and hair without stinging the eyes or irritating the scalp. The mild formula also cleans the skin without drying it out.

The product is recommended by paediatricians and can also be used to clean the diaper area to help heal diaper rash. Aquaphor spokesperson, Dr Alanna Levine, suggested that parents use the wash as a soak before patting dry with a soft towel.

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Aquaphor Baby is owned by Beiersdorf, which has more than 130 years of experience in the baby care market.