Aptar brings new gesture to first fragrance for cancer sufferers

By Julia Wray 14-Jan-2019

Chemotherapy treatment is known to affect patients' sense of smell, making them unable to tolerate certain aromas

New fragrance l’élixir from Ozalys is the first perfume designed for women battling cancer.

To develop the fragrance, Ozalys selected the Note system from Aptar Beauty + Home, which allows consumers who may be avoiding fragrance during treatment to safely reconnect with wearing perfume.

The Note system, inspired by the traditional glass stopper, includes a transparent applicator that fits automatically each time the cap is unscrewed.

Chemotherapy affects the sense of smell, with many patients becoming unable to tolerate certain aromas, or finding scent too strong.

In the case of breast cancer, meanwhile, scars and radiotherapy can exclude the use of scent on the neckline area.

Overcoming these issues, the Note system provides precise, drop-by-drop application to the desired area. Application is localised and there is no issue with scent saturation.

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