Aptar adds a spray of compact chic to Ferragamo fragrance

By Patricia Mansfield-Devine 9-Apr-2018

The packaging company's La Petite system is designed for smaller perfume bottles

Ferragamo has chosen the La Petite spray system from Aptar for its new fragrance, Amo.

La Petite is an ultra-compact system with a low visible height and in which no metal comes into contact with the fragrance.

“La Petite is aimed at the luxury market,” Elisabeth Salom L'Ancien, Aptar’s VP of Business Development, Fragrances, told Cosmetics Business.

“It offers manufacturers three key requirements: a soft and gentle spray; the technical parts minimised so that the focus can be on the bottle design; and no contact between the metal parts of the spray and the juice.”

Inside the perfume spray mechanisms, two metal parts can come into contact with the fragrance ‘juice’ - the steel spring inside the actuator and the aluminium crimp around the neck of the bottle.

The metals can cause changes in the smell of the fragrance, but also orange discolouration, unwelcome at a time when fragrances are becoming increasingly transparent.

The small height of the design also makes it suitable for the 20ml and 30ml bottles being produced by many manufacturers, says Salom l’Ancien.

“There has a been a real trend for some years towards 20ml and 30ml bottles, for two reasons,” she said.

“[The first is] beauty on the go, where consumers want to travel with their own fragrance, and the requirement to create an accessible price for a fragrance range.

"These smaller bottles need a smaller dispenser to complement the smaller design.”

Salom l’Ancien also said she sees an application for the spray system in fragrance collections sets.

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Amo ($120 for 100ml) is a floral oriental for women, designed by perfumer Marie Salamagne, with head notes of campari, blackcurrant and rosemary, heart notes of jasmine sambac, mate and rhubarb and base notes of vanilla, ambroxan and sandalwood.