Anti-pollution: the next big thing in beauty?


Are products that counteract the harmful effects of pollution the next big thing in skin care?

Pollution is a growing concern worldwide. In December 2015, Beijing issued its first red alert for pollution, closing schools and construction sites as smog levels rose 40 times higher than those considered safe by the World Health Organisation. According to King’s College London, the UK’s capital exceeded its annual pollution limit for 2016 in just one week this year. An estimated 3.3 million people worldwide are now thought to die from pollution-related illneses each year.

Pollution poses a significant threat to health at its very highest levels, but even at more moderate levels it can still have a negative impact on the skin. City dwellers are increasingly reporting dull, dry skin and an acceleration of the ageing process.

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With many consumers choosing inner city life, how can skin care brands help them address the common side effects of urban living?


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