Anisa International launches new collections light years ahead of their time


Anisa International launches new collections light years ahead of their time

Leading the year with launching new fibre innovation that is revolutionising powder application, the highly anticipated Star Fiber Collection is making its debut as the newest addition to their patent pending New Naturals Collection.

As we embark on a new decade, they are paying homage to the most influential fashion trends of the past, The Decades Collection showcases makeup brushes and skin care tools with groovy textiles, iconic silhouettes and color palettes that deliver on both fashion and function from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

At the core of her strategic approach Anisa states: “Each year, through transformative methods of developing makeup and skincare application products, we aim to create tools that are lightyears ahead of their time.

"Our primary focus is identifying the authentic beauty within each brand’s hero products and supporting the promotion of their artistry in ways that are uniquely their own.”

Anisa International is the global leader in sustainable, responsibly made cosmetic brushes for makeup and skin care. Driven by the desire to showcase the true power of modern technologies within today’s product formulas, each brush is designed to give everyone the ability to harness their own artistry.

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Anisa holds over 30 patents and trademarks, collaborates with the world’s top beauty brands, recently launched a direct-to-consumer brush line, and owns two manufacturing facilities, Anisa Tianjin and Anisa Jinghai focused on social and environmental responsibility.