Angelica cells: from cell functions optimization to skin rejuvenation


Angelica cells: from cell functions optimization to skin rejuvenation

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Naolys present a new anti-ageing active ingredient, inspired by the healthy ageing trend, for comprehensive skin support: Optimum Life Angelica. Made from angelica (angelica archangelica), a fragrant and medicinal herb (even considered to be effective against evil spells cast by witches!), it maintains the skin’s well-being while at the same time slowing its ageing, by regulating vital cellular functions, to decrease ageing signs (wrinkles and loss of firmness).

These active angelica cells strengthen the three basic cellular functions of respiration, nutrition and communication, including in the presence of oxidants such as UV and pollutant residues, thereby providing the skin with enhanced protection against ageing.

They provide the following effects at the cellular level in the dermis and the epidermis:

  • energizing, balancing and maintaining the well-being of cells through an improved supply of nutrients, better intercellular communication and respiration (improving oxygen intake, decreasing hypoxia and oxidized proteins)
  • anti-oxidant, by decreasing oxidative stress (the formation of free radicals) caused by pollution and UVB
  • anti-ageing (firmness and suppleness) due to an increase in levels of collagen and elastin.

A clinical study with 18 people aged 49 to 65 years-old showed an average decrease in the total area of wrinkles of 16% after 28 days of treatment (2 applications/day).

All tests were carried out with a concentration of 0.5% (20% cells in 80% plant glycerine).

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Optimum Life Angelica does not contain any preservatives. It can be used in formulas for care products (face and body) and in make-up products. COSMOS or Natrue approvals available on request for all liquid forms of the product.

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