Algophagyl brings energy back to skin

Algophagyl is the latest active ingredient launched by Silab.

Chronic or acute stress can cause dysfunction of mitochondria – the generators of cellular energy – resulting in harmful effects on the skin, as the energy produced by healthy mitochondria is necessary for cell regeneration.

This regeneration, in turn, is necessary for a dynamic and effective skin barrier.

Algophagyl is obtained from the microalga Chlorella sorokiniana, which has developed metabolic and adaptogenic properties to protect its mitochondria.

The natural energising active, rich in glucans and galactans, was found to stimulate mitochondrial production of ATP by +51.1% two hours after a single application.

In vivo, 100% of test subjects in a subjective evaluation reported that their skin was revitalised, more luminous and suppler.

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