Activ'Inside launches SkinAx2 supplement

The supplement includes grape and melon extracts

Activ’Inside, a French manufacturer of botanical active ingredients, recently launched SkinAx² at Supply Side West 2015 in Las Vegas, US held from 5-9 October.

SkinAx² is made from four bioavailable ingredients, combining flavanols from French grapes, SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) from melon, zinc and vitamin C. In trials, SkinAx² , when taken orally, was found to increase skin luminosity by 25% while regulating skin colouration. SkinAx² was also found to improve the complexion homogeneity by decreasing important factors of heterogeneity – such as dark circles, redness or spots – reducing skin imperfections by 15%.

Mr Lemaire, CEO of Activ'Inside, said: “SkinAx² is an innovation for people looking for a natural solution to cope with their concerns about decreased skin radiance. Not less than 82% of women were satisfied with SkinAx²'s efficacy, with results confirmed by clinical scoring."