A vibrant look for Cristian Lay\'s Timeless


It\'s called Timeless, but its look is bang up to date.

It\'s called Timeless but its look is bang up to date. Cristian Lay\'s new fragrance comes in a 100ml glass bottle with a dazzling sleever that catches the eye. The Spanish cosmetics company entrusted the packaging to Quadpack, which includes a black aluminium spray pump and a double-wall cap.

"When we showed our design to Quadpack, they recommended using a sleever to ensure the vivid colours were faithfully reproduced," said Sonia Calzado, head of perfumery at Cristian Lay\'s cosmetic division. "We saw the truth of it when they delivered the finished product. The vibrancy of the colours leaps out at you. Quadpack has been developing packaging for us for three years now and we know we can rely on their expertise."

The design was gravure printed on a PET material which was then heat shrunk onto the bottle, perfectly following its contours.

In addition, the cap has a PP inner and an ABS outer, and is weighted for a more luxurious feel. 

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Timeless was launched in time for Christmas 2013 in two variants: blue for men and pink for women. It is sold in Europe, South America and North Africa through Cristian Lay\'s catalogue and online store. A repeat order is already underway.

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