A new 2021 edition for Gattefossé's tool


Nothing can distract Gattefossé from its mission: to bring new formulation ideas and share its sensory expertise

A new 2021 edition for Gattefossé's tool

Cosmet’Agora physical event being cancelled is no reason to be running out of inspiration in 2021. Nothing can distract Gattefossé from its mission: to bring new formulation ideas and share its sensory expertise.

Like a need to take a deep breath, like a visceral urge to get back to basics, after the recent global news, “Follow your bliss" is the name of the new collection of Inspiration composed of six new textures inspired from nature.

Inspiration, what is it?

Inspiration is a tool to enhance imagination, creativity, and innovation, to discover sensorial experiences through innovative cosmetic textures.

A tool to learn more about Gattefossé’s ingredients, used outside of their comfort zone,  to dive into a theme through inspiring textures and visuals. It’s also a collection that is renewed every year, at the crossroads of current trends, highlighting different kinds of creativity.

Follow your bliss

This collection, Follow your bliss, composed of two themes, Coming Into Bloom and Taking Root, praises an idealised, awakened, and embellished nature, essential for our physical and mental balance on earth.

Between resilience and euphoria, hope and joy, the cosmetics of tomorrow will be ethical, clean and transparent, eco-designed but also amusing, innovative and desirable.

The first theme of this collection is called Coming Into Bloom. Cosmetics are getting clean, they are more thoughtful, and more sustainable thanks to a process carried out through science that dares to be bold.

For Taking Root, one thing has become clear: our essentials. Our priorities have changed. Industry is taking the lead in this creative evolution.

Rooted in a base identified as common and well-anchored to Mother Earth, we put meaning and connection back at the heart of our projects. The formulas are simple and delicate... perfectly optimised and universal.

Gattefossé has developed 6 new formulas including: Good Day Sunshine, a sunscreen for the body with biodegradable glitters; Pure Crystal Cream, a minimalist formula containing liquid crystals; or Silky Putty, a modeling clay applied as a patch on fine lines and wrinkles to reduce their appearance. More than ever, Gattefossé stands by your side to stimulate your creativity and explore new horizons!

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To find out more and discover the entire collection, visit the dedicated website: www.inspiration-gattefosse.com


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