A musical marvel: Lush reflects on tuneful history with dedicated pop-up

By Becky Bargh 12-Jul-2021

Beauty brand showcases musical prowess at London outlet, alongside cosmetics that inspire records

A musical marvel: Lush reflects on tuneful history with dedicated pop-up

On the back of its new Karma album launch, ethical beauty brand Lush is poised to unveil a new music pop-up dedicated to its music catalogue.

Alongside its vinyl collection, the immersive space, expected to open on 17 July at Lush’s Beak Street location in the UK capital’s Soho area, will offer a selection of beauty products inspired by Lush’s music and its new record.

This includes an exclusive product line scented with Lush’s Karma fragrance, which acted as the inspiration for the new record.

The outlet is the beginning of Lush’s month-long celebration of its musical history and will act as a destination to showcase budding local talents.

“Soho has been at the heart of the London music scene for decades, and alongside Soho Music month this July, we are proud to open the Lush Music pop-up at the Lush Soho studio on Beak Street,” said Lush’s Soho Studio Manager, Michael O’Brien.

“Music has always been an important part of Lush history, it has been a source of inspiration for products and spa treatments over the years.

“We are inviting customers to step inside and experience a slice of Lush music history.

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