3 sources of skin stress and how to tackle the urban lifestyle

By Fabrice Guillemard 1-Nov-2018

Hectic lifestyles, urban pollution and digitalisation are the three major sources of skin stress, particularly in Asia’s mega-cities. Fabrice Guillemard discusses each of these issues and suggests ingredient solutions

In 2016, the life sciences company DSM opened a new Technical & Application Centre on its Shanghai campus, confirming its commitment to customers in China and Asia Pacific.

The company is currently looking at the effects of urban living on skin, a topic of particular concern among consumers in Asia.

Three major sources of skin stress have been identified: hectic lifestyles, urban pollution and digitalisation.

Urban living: Exhilaration and stress

Life in a metropolis can be exhilarating and with large urban areas offering so many more opportunities the proportion of city dwellers in the world is set to grow even further.

However, the hectic, 24/7 pace of city life can take its toll. And in our busy, hyper-connected and 'always-on' world, stress has become an ongoing problem for many people.

Sustained stress affects both mind and body in various ways, and can be particularly detrimental to the skin.

A recent Korean study confirmed that psychological stress does indeed cause ...

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