2013 Year Review: Part 1/2


Last year companies began to regain confidence in the personal care market. This was marked by a flurry of acquisitions and expansion into emerging markets

After a year of hesitation and deliberation prompted by an unstable marketplace across the Big 5, cosmetics and toiletries companies appeared to largely shake off any cobwebs that had gathered in 2012 and spring back into action for 2013.

While the year got off to a comparatively slow start on the acquisition front, the second half of the year was awash with new takeovers, and it was hard to ignore the investment that major players made in certain emerging markets, notably India and sub-Saharan Africa, which were the focus for many looking to expand operations and retail presence.

This year also saw several C&T companies feel the force of the law, with scandals surrounding product recalls, trademark disputes and industry association fines for information sharing. It wasn’t only a year of negative press, however, as there were also some praiseworthy actions emerging: namely, the banning of animal testing for cosmetics in Europe, Israel and India, and some notable progress made in China.


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