Why vegan fave jackfruit is the latest trending cosmetics ingredient


Following a vegan diet can result in creatine deficiency in skin cells. B Walzel, U Bätz, B Senti, T Shah and S Bänziger show how jackfruit extract can improve cellular creatine uptake to help address signs of skin ageing

A vegan lifestyle stands for conscious living and healthiness, but also youth, confidence and fashion. Therefore, veganism is not only a major food trend – it is also entering the cosmetics industry.

Although a vegan lifestyle is extremely healthy, plant-based food lacks some important nutrients, such as creatine, an energy metabolite in skin. To compensate for creatine deficiency in vegan skin cells, Lipoid Kosmetik developed the cosmetic ingredient Jackfruit organic Herbasol Extract Glycerine SB.

Jackfruit is already a popular ingredient in vegan cuisine. Here, we show that jackfruit extract may also increase creatine uptake into skin cells, improving cellular creatine levels and consequently complementing a vegan diet.


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