Vytrus Biotech debuts ‘architecture-inspired’ active for hair and scalp

By Julia Wray 31-Mar-2022

Eleya Renova comes from the stem cells of the wild olive tree

Vytrus Biotech debuts ‘architecture-inspired’ active for hair and scalp

Vytrus Biotech has launched Eleya Renova, a new active ingredients for the hair and scalp that has been inspired by architecture.

Elaya Renova is claimed to protect, reinforce, regenerate and beautify the whole hair structure, from scalp to hair shaft.

Enriched with nourishing proteo-lipidic matrix, it is said to meet the challenge of global hair care 'skinification'.

Elaya Renova was inspired by the architectural concept of ‘tensegrity’, a term coined from the contraction of ‘tensional’ and ‘integrity’ – it explains how changes applied to an area will also exert effects at a distance because everything is interconnected.

Applied to the hair structure, it places importance on the interconnectivity of the scalp and hair shaft.

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A 100% natural active derived from the stem cells of wild olive tree, an ancestral Mediterranean species, it reinforces the hair and scalp from the inside.

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