Synthetic natural ingredients and sexual wellness among 2023’s big beauty trends

By Amanda Pauley 30-Nov-2022

Mintel’s predicted global personal care trends for next year include a boost in synthetic biology technologies and products and services that promote vulva care

Sexual wellness as self-care is set to boom in 2023

Sexual wellness as self-care is set to boom in 2023

Sexual wellness, synthetic biology technologies and greater phygital experiences are the trends set to impact consumer demands for beauty in 2023, according to Mintel.

In its latest report, the market analyst has revealed three growth areas that will influence the global beauty and personal care industry next year and beyond.

These revolve around sustainability, value, wellbeing and experiences.

We explore how each trend will impact the sector and how brands need to be reacting. 

Trend one: Evolved self-care

Self-care will continue to boom over the next year but with a greater focus on sexual wellness and the hormone journey.

The goal for beauty going forward: to make wellness accessible to everyone.

“As the conversation around hormones, periods and hot flashes becomes more acceptable, brands will be more open to having honest conversations with consumers,” Andrew McDougall, Director of Beauty and Personal Care Research at Mintel, told Cosmetics Business.

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