Refillable make-up: how can brands boost the customer experience?


The vogue for eco-friendly refillables is also informing new product development in make-up, but experts warn consumer compliance is key

Refillable make-up: how can brands boost the customer experience?

This article was originally published in the September issue of Cosmetics Business Trend Report

From in-store fragrance fountains to lightweight pouches, refills are one of the beauty industry’s stand-out trends.

Data gathered by luxury retailer Fenwick, published last month, found Google searches for ‘refillable beauty’ had increased 59% over the last year. On TikTok, meanwhile, videos with the hashtag #refillablebeauty gained 2.5 million views.

But what about make-up? According to Fenwick, TikTok videos with #refillablemakeup garnered a (still impressive) 175.3k views, indicating that demand for the sustainable solution very much extends to colour cosmetics.

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Indeed, make-up goods lend themselves well to the concept. Pierre-Antoine Henry, Head of Market Development at packaging provider Quadpack, says: “Sticks, compacts, flow pens and jars can all potentially be refillable with some structural adjustments. Many of these packs have a double- wall structure. The inner contains the bulk, while the outer is the external part of the pack. A refill format can be created using some kind of grip system between the two parts, so the inner becomes a removable and exchangeable refill.”


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