New webinar: Why it's time to give your commerce strategy a makeover


Due to popular demand – zoovu is back with another webinar on Wednesday 13 November, to help you meet the needs of discerning consumers while exponentially growing your market share.

New webinar: Why it's time to give your commerce strategy a makeover


The past few years have been cataclysmic for the health and beauty industry; with new pressures, market forces and trends emerging. These moving parts have not been made easier by changes in consumer behavior and new ways to consume products, such as subscription services.

As more companies enter the health and beauty market and incumbent brands attempt to expand their online offerings to increase their market share, consumers are overwhelmed by choice. The latest research from Beauty Digital Brand Report highlights that 65% of consumers feel overloaded with options.

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The top 20 cosmetic brands only capture 14% of online sales, so revenue and market-share are there for the taking, if you embrace new technologies. Learn how zoovu can help you replicate the experience of an in-store beauty consultant and make it available across you’re your channels to guide shoppers to the perfect products, based on their unique needs and preferences to sell up to 107% more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to simplify the decision-making process and increase purchase confidence by 81%
  • How innovative brands like Coty, Moroccanoil, Sally Beauty and Rossmann turn to conversational commerce to drive a 107% increase in sales and 33% uplift in AOV
  • Gather powerful insights and data with a digital consultant, available across all your channels