I asked ChatGPT to design the next big beauty brand

By Sarah Parsons 11-May-2023

L’Oréal won’t be sweating just yet

AI image generator Bing's make-up brand of the future

AI image generator Bing's make-up brand of the future

As the Editor of CosmeticsBusiness.com, I get asked whether I'd launch a beauty brand a lot – and I mean a lot. Pretty much every press trip, brand dinner, contact meeting, or trade show, someone will want to pick my brain."If you were to launch a beauty brand, what would it be?" or straight up ask "so, when are you taking the plunge?"

And, of course, I've thought about what my imaginary brand would be like. I've even thought about my dream team of suppliers, formulators and creatives (disclaimer: you won't find out in this article).

Now though, artificial intelligence (AI) is a commonplace tool increasingly used to help with ideation. Could ChatGPT help me reduce the creative process and provide a shortcut for designing beauty's next big brand? ...

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