Carbon footprint reduction: Taking the heat off our planet

By Julia Wray 21-May-2020

Excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere contributes to the greenhouse effect, and most companies are adopting measures to cut their emissions. But how can beauty brands begin or step-up their carbon reduction efforts?

Carbon footprint reduction: Taking the heat off our planet

Carbon dioxide (CO2) contributes to the greenhouse effect by absorbing long wave radiation reflected off the earth’s surface and re-emitting it back down to earth. When greenhouse gasses like CO2 are present in excessive quantities, the atmosphere is able to absorb more radiation, resulting in global warming, and today, CO2 levels are higher than at any point in the past 800,000 years.

“Scientists are now aligned that we have entered a climate emergency and unless we significantly reduce our carbon output to zero over the next five years we will see global temperatures rise by more than 3°C, causing ecological disasters such as floods, extreme storms and sea-level rise,” Jayn Sterland, Managing Director of Weleda UK, tells SPC.

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The impetus for all industries, beauty included, to reduce their carbon emissions is clear. But where to begin?


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