Apple tree active cells to calm sensitive skin: Soothing Light Apple tree


Soothing Light Apple Tree contains active plant cells made using specialised biotechnology that combines plant cell dedifferentiation and plant cell culture to control the synthesis of active molecules inside cells

Apple tree active cells to calm sensitive skin: Soothing Light Apple tree

It is made with whole active plant cells from the Apple tree (malus domestica), a tree well known for its fruit that is widely consumed and features in many different culinary traditions.

Soothing Light Apple Tree has been specially designed for sensitive skin with a particularly strong action on the mechanisms involved in sensitive skins, and delivers the following effects:

  • A soothing effect, thanks to a decrease of three inflammation mediators
  • An anti redness effect, thanks to a decrease of the EDRF, or nitric oxide, a major vasolidator

As a result, a clinical study on shows improvements at the level of redness (decrease of 16%) and irritation (decrease of 29%) after 28 days of treatment on 20 women, including 10 with a sensitive skin (powder form at 0.1%). Therefore they give a lightening and balancing effect to the skin.

Soothing Light Apple tree is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used for any skincare applications dedicated to normal to sensitive skins in any type of galenic. COSMOS registration and ISO 16128 certificate on request for any liquid form.

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