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When eCommerce, retail and B2B vendors sell products to their customers, they often struggle with manual effort to manage and control their product distribution.

They work with multiple order systems and struggle to achieve transparency for all sales channels and logistics processes.

They often communicate with different stakeholders multiple times a day via email, phone calls and by exchanging Excel Sheets.

The Result: Lost time and manual work every day.

Our team at everstox has one mission in mind: Creating the best delivery experience, for every customer. We achieve this with technology and our logistics network of independent warehousing and fulfillment partners across Europe.

We connect, optimise and scale your product distribution with our technology and logistics network of independent fulfillment and warehousing partners across Europe.

We enable eCommerce, B2B and retail businesses to connect to the right logistics partner. And here’s why: By connecting with the right partner, we ensure that your amazing products are fulfilled and delivered to customers in the best way possible.

With our logistics network, you’ll cover all your logistics and product distribution needs: from storing your products, eCommerce and multi-channel fulfillment of orders, value added services (e.g. custom packaging) to return management.

But that’s just the beginning. Our solution lets you connect your online shop, ERP-system or any other sales channel with one technology to automate data exchange for processing customer orders, managing daily operations and communication with your logistics partner.

All it takes is one technology and interface that combines it all: our everstox dashboard.

Our dashboard provides you with full control for all order sources and warehouses in use. With our software you get access to logistics tools for daily operations in real-time.

The everstox dashboard lets you manage your logistics with tools to:

  • Add and edit products & stock-keeping-units (SKUs) that are stored at your logistics partner
  • Manage orders, stock and returns in an automated way
  • Track service-level-agreements to monitor fulfillment performances
  • Plan demand and schedule restockings to keep optimal inventory levels
  • Receive real-time reports to review your pre-defined KPIs.

Our customers benefit from automated processes, faster fulfillment and shipping. With our technology you receive full transparency and direct control for all orders and warehouses with one technology.

Safe time, manual effort and make smarter and better decisions to ensure what’s key: creating a great customer experience.

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